Moms 101: 4 Simple yet Fabulous Treats for Moms

Moms are the first women in almost everyone’s life.

Your mom is thoughtful, and so should her treats. She’s a super hero and deserves appreciation and lots of affection because she deserves it.

Mothers are unique and so the gift you pick to give her should reflect the same.

Whether you’re a mom in your 20s, 40s, or 90s, you’re special. You can also take time off your busy schedule and life of being a mother to treat yourself to any gift of your liking.

Whereas some moms love linen, others like cooking, a good blowout, etc. Whatever you choose to treat yourself as a mom or buy for the special woman in your life, make sure it’s in line with what she likes.

Buying your mom a treat is a special way of expressing your love for her. It’s also a great way to appreciate the time she took to raise you up with love. It can also be a sentimental tribute to the family she’s raised.

You may also want to appreciate a new mom with a great gift. Giving your mom a treat is also beneficial in the following ways:

  • Shows that you care
  • Expresses love

Shows you’re always thinking of her

Here’re some gifts to put a smile on your mom’s face and create memorable moments in her life:

Top 4 Gifts for Your Mom

Down pillow and an essential oil diffuser

Fluffy down pillow is comfortable and supportive enough to allow your mom to get enough rest when she takes a nap or retires to bed. Ethically-sourced down pillows are a special treat any mom will love.

Get the names of all your family members printed on the pillowcase of the down pillow for a personalized touch. Branding your mom’s favorite names on the pillowcase will touch her heart and make the pillow treat special.

Alternatively, print a custom map on the pillowcase to showcase the location of all your siblings. It’s a great way to remind your mom where all the love comes from. Use hearts to pinpoint at least eight locations of people close to her heart.

An essential oil diffuser tops up the down pillow with scents of essential oils. You can pair the diffuser with her favorite essential oil to help her relax when working on her daily house chores.

A robot vacuum and custom family portrait

Cleaning wears out moms at the end of the day. Automate your mom’s cleaning process with a robot vacuum to help keep the house dust free.

A custom family portrait is also a great treat for moms. It’s personalized with a photo of the entire family to make it valuable. Print the best photo of your family and choose an appealing frame to create the portrait for display on your mom’s dressing table in the house.

Your mother knows how difficult it is to get the entire family together for a photo.


She’ll love one with everyone on it. Find an artist on Etsy to hand draw your family photo. Your mom will cherish the unique gift forever.

A smart temperature control mug and an electric tea kettle

Does your mom love tea or coffee?

Get her a smart mug with temperature control capability to ensure she enjoys drinking her tea for longer. It doesn’t matter how long your mom takes to finish drinking her coffee or tea.

The mug keeps it warm at a temperature range of 1200F to 1450F. Accompany the mug with a beautiful tea kettle if she’s a fan of drinking tea.
The kettle lets her use her stovetop to cook something else.

A cutting board and kitchen knife

Buy your mom a cutting board and set of kitchen knives if she loves cooking. She can use them while watching her favorite popular tv show about cooking.

Make sure it’s durable, dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Other top gifts for mom include:

  • A self-watering planter
  • An organic face mask
  • Paid spa treatment