- Frequently Asked Questions -

I think it’s a thing of preference. While it works for me and makes me happy, some other persons might find it extremely boring. So you have to first, understand what works for you.

At a point in every child’s development, they might begin to get grumpy and throw tantrums. This act can be disorienting for mothers, especially first-time mothers. There’s no perfect way of ‘dealing with’ such situations. Sometimes it just goes away, other times, it sticks out like a sore thumb. You might need to put your foot down and insist on doing what’s right for the child.

I’ve done a couple of public speaking gigs, but I excel at writing than speaking. Call me shy if you like.

Hannah is a very important figure in the blog. The major reason I started writing this blog was because of her. I realized that many parents were going through things they couldn’t understand, and there is very sparse information out there. That aside, she’s a very candid kid and I love to ask how she would handle or react to certain situations.