Parents should offer their children choices. Doing so will help them learn to make decisions for themselves, and it will also give them a sense of control over their lives. Additionally, it will help them develop a sense of independence at an early age. Parents sometimes worry that giving their children too many choices will […]

Rugrat Fun

Here are some quick links for activities to do with your own rugrats! Getting on the floor and playing with your children will give you both some of the best memories!To get even more ideas for memory creating family fun come to join us on Facebook! -Science Fun-Blowing -BubblesIce Boats-The Bouncy Egg Project-Cartesian Diver Experiment-Will

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What comes into mind when you think of toddlers in the kitchen? Spilled flour, broken china, cut fingers, burned and scalded hands, or burning pots? Many parents love the idea of cooking with toddlers. However, the idea only stops at “pass me the knife Eugene” and not actually asking them to do the cutting. Cooking

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