that parenting can be FUN!

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At camoandbows, we believe that parenting should be fun. We understand that raising a child or children isn’t always straightforward, and there’s no perfect way to raise kids, and that’s why we bring parents from different angles to share their experiences and proffer solutions to the common (and uncommon) problems we all face as parents.

In Camille and Hannah Paige, we have a budding mother-daughter relationship that mirrors what we see in most families. A mother’s undiluted love for her growing daughter, and a daughter who seeks to model her mother’s footsteps.

We enjoy going through the several messages we get each week and would love to hear from you too. Feel free to share your experiences with us.

Hi! My Name is Camille Paige

As a young girl, growing up, I always wanted to become a mother. Motherhood held that special appeal for me, it was noble, something to aspire to. Fast forward to some twenty-odd years, nothing much has changed, I’m still in love with the idea of motherhood, only that it’s no longer an aspiration, it’s now a reality, and the biggest evidence is my beautiful daughter, Hannah.

When I was expecting Hannah, I decided to quit my decent-paying job and my blossoming career as a child counselor, to become a full-time mother. It’s a decision I have never regretted. I have read a lot about parenting and all its pros and cons, and I’d love to share my experiences (which isn’t a lot, Five years) with every mother out there.

And This is Hannah, my Daughter

Hannah loves to play mom and her curiosity about things around here is what this blog is all about. She loves to see me cook and do all sorts of things around the house. We also love to bake, cook her favorite pasta, and her favorite desserts. Besides playing around with her bears that she is so protective of. When she turned seven in June last year, she requested a diary. Ever since then, she has made an entry every day about her teddy bears, noting which one has been moody, sweet, or difficult.

Fun Things that my Daughter and I feature here in our Blog

Ride a Bicycle

Whether your daughter is a newbie to bicycles or she can beat you in cycling races, riding a bike together, or teaching her can be fun and helps in the bonding process.

Plant a Flower Garden

Old fashioned, right? Wrong. Apart from keeping you both busy, planting flowers can help beautify the house, and keep the ecosystem healthy in a little but significant way. Watching the flowers grow is also something to look forward to.

Baking Our Favorites

Obviously, our favorite thing to feature here. If your daughter is like mine, then the kitchen can get messy pretty fast. But that doesn’t take away the thrill of creating something edible, plus she gets a chance to build her culinary skills.

Play Dress-Up

You can pretend to be her favorite cartoon character or allow her to dress like a super-hero. If you choose the former, you have to know enough about the character you’re playing. On the other hand, if she plays a superhero, pretend to be in awe of her and her amazing powers.

Read Out to Each Other

While many parents read books to their kids at bedtime, consider making a habit of allowing your daughter to read to you too. This act keeps her involved.

Write a Diary Together

This activity is more of a long-term project. Writing is a unique way of expressing oneself, as there are many things we wouldn’t ordinarily say, but would readily write. Keeping a joint-diary helps you understand her true feelings like nothing else can.

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